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Aishwarya Rai in Bikini or Nude?

I searched over the Internet And found that about 30% want to see Aishwarya Rai in bikini, 20% nude and another 13% want to see aish wearing nothing. But wearing nothing means nude. You must be starting to think that most of the people want to see Aishwarya nude.But Think again there is also 9% people who want to see her in swimsuit. So most of the people want to see her in bikini. So I am going to post two pitures of Aishwarya in bikini or you can also call them swimsuit

Aishwarya Rai in Bikini and Swimsuit

Aishwarya Rai in bikiniAishwarya Rai in SwimsuitAishwarya rai in bikini

Aish in side boob show

After the bikini pictures here is the real post. I wanted to post most sexy pictures of aish and unseen also. Here is what I found
Aishwarya Rai sexyAiswarya Rai unseen photo Shoot

Aishwarya Rai topless

Aishwarya Rai Topless
So How would you like to see Aishwarya Rai?Bikini Or Nude.I think aish is more sexy here than fake nude. If you like  rare pictures you may also like to see the Old modeling days picturs of Bipasha Basu.
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Anonymous said...
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Lion Menon said...

she's a bitch

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Abhishek Bacchan bahut lucky hai bhai.Use toh roz,roz taaze aam ka ras peene ko milta hai.Agar yah mujhe mil gayi to main iske aam ka mazaa jee bhar ke loonga aur ise apna gannae ka ras pilaaonga chahe Abhishek ko accha lage ya bura.

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